SUEE Community Outreach


The Outreach of Blue Elite

SUEE CEO/Founder Seann Tischler decision to implement her Blue Elite concept required her to restructure the company to address the needs of the community.  In doing so, she brought in a new management team to mirror it's non-profit status. The social events are now fundraisers to fund media programming that will be offered to inner city youth.  Creating healthy lifestyles through dance allows Blue to address obesity, lack of excercise  and unhealthy diets in low income areas . Our volunteers are working with food pantries and local grocery stores to provide nutritional food donations within the communities.  Blue Elite offers credit repair education. Do you have aspirations to start your own business  Blue Elite will open that door for you.  Look for Blue in a neighborhood near you. 

Tell us about your experience

Your comments matter please tell us your experience at a Seann's Shades of Blue event. You can leave your comments  on our message board

Early Bird special for The Blue Elite Experience

Purchase your passes for The Blue Elite Experience they are now available price as advertised. .  You must contact management for group approvals.  No Refunds all sales are final.

What's New at Blue

Our  financial literacy program is rolling out the fall of 2019

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